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Audeze LCD-4

Audeze planar magnetic flagship headphone review

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Audeze LCD-4Editor’s Choice
Audeze LCD-4

This year marks twenty years since we started wearing headphones almost every day to master the audio of records, tv commercials, tv series or just to listen to good music. All these years we have gained skills, we refined the way we listen and above all we have gained the most valuable thing: experience. Experience that has allowed us to be a humble reference to ask for advice regarding which headset or headphone amplifier to buy.

These requests come to us from both common users and audiophiles, as well as audio professionals. This is why, in our small way, we make it a matter of pride and we always try to improve ourselves by trying new paths and new ways of listening. Often, the most asked question, by experts and non, regards which are the best brands on the market or headphones that really represent a product whose sound characteristics are superior to others…Read all


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